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We've discovered the intersection of FUN and LEARNING...conveniently located right off of Exit 177!


Who we are...

This is not your common, ordinary "playspace".  We at Kidopolis have opened our doors to children, families and the community so that they may engage together in the true meaning of Creative Play!  We recognize that creative and imaginative play is born out of multiple developmental, inspirational and motivational factors.  True creative play also consists of improvisation through a myriad of unique elements.  One such element that is readily noticeable at Kidopolis is the presence of repurposed items within our playspace.  Yes, Kidopolis is "two thumbs up" with recycling!  Imagining what "can be" is what it's all about at Kidopolis, and we've created a space where this is achieved in a fun and globally-responsible fashion.


What we do...

Kidopolis provides a fun, experiential indoor playspace, highlighted by a variety of interactive learning stations and rooms within a "village" concept.  Our creative theme rooms are designed to engage a child's imagination and provide opportunities to have all kinds of fun while learning something valuable about the world around us.

And that's not all!  Kidopolis is also a venue for birthday parties, private celebrations and special playgroup events.  We offer creative and practical services that will delight kids across all age groups.  We've got it all covered!



  • Daily Drop-In Rate:  $7.00 per child, $5.00 for additional siblings
  • Babies attending with families are free of charge; However, for babies attending individually, there will be a charge of $5.00 each  
  • Play Group Rate (minimum of 5 in group): $5.00 per child
  • Birthday Party & Private Events Rates: Please refer to "Special Events"



Our purpose is to engage the imagination, inspire the mind and empower the spirit of every child. 


Business: (734) 769-0263

Personal: (734) 476-4189



509 State Circle
Ann Arbor, MI  48108


NEW FALL HOURS (starting October 17)

  Monday 10 am - 3 pm
  Tuesday   10 am - 3 pm
  Wednesday  (By Appointment Only)                  Thursday  10 am - 3 pm                                       Friday   10 am - 8 pm
  Saturday  6 pm - 8 pm (Open Play)                                     (Afternoons - By Appointment Only)   Sunday  (By Appointment Only)










 Are you ready for the KIDOPOLIS Halloween Premiere?

 Are you ready for the KIDOPOLIS Halloween Premiere?

Saturday, October 29th


Join us for all-day fun at the first annual Kidopolis Halloween Premiere event.  The fun begins at 10:00 AM and includes all of the following:

  • 10 AM - 4 PM:  Free glow sticks and treats for all kids who come to Kidopolis in-costume!
  • 6 PM - 8 PM:  Costume contest for parents!  Multiple prizes!  Grand Prize = Half-Off Birthday Party Package at Kidopolis
  • 6 PM - 8 PM:  Face painting!
  • ALL DAY:  Halloween treats and dancing!

Come join us for a spook-tacular time on the 29th!



the space place

The final frontier...gets just a little bit closer at the Space Place! Whether you dream of being an astronomer or an astronaut, Kidopolis creates the space to imagine big things beyond terra firma. Planets, constellations and all other things celestial await for a fun and exciting encounter. Hop aboard the space shuttle or call the shots at mission control - an other-worldly adventure awaits!


the enchanted forest

The great outdoors...indoors? That's right! Prepare to encounter a mystical space where brooks babble, fairies fly and trees talk. Young imaginations are stirred by a stroll through this spellbinding playspace - whether they are pretending to be a magical woodland character, or simply taking in the enchanted sights of their surroundings.


Lil' Opolis (Toddler Imagination station & Crawler-ville)

And of course, we all know that great things come in small packages - cute, little, toddler and crawler packages, that is! We've got very special spaces for the littlest citizens of Kidopolis. Lil' Opolis includes the Toddler Imagination Station and Crawler-ville playspaces, which provide a safe, age-appropriate setting for parents to bring these little learners to engage the youngest of imaginations with a variety of visual and hands-on activities.

birthday parties, Play groups & private celebrations

Looking for that special place to host a birthday party or other private event? Have a group of kiddos that need an awesome place to come together for a play date?  Look no further than Kidopolis! We have the space to create a unique and fun celebration experience for you and your guests. A variety of party packages are available, all reasonably-priced. We also offer special discounted rates for organized play groups.  Please contact us to book your special event or play group today!


All birthday parties include…

-Party setup (cutlery, table cloths, cups and 5 balloons –your choice of color for cutlery)
-2 pitchers of lemonade and unlimited water
-Gift from Kidopolis for the birthday kid - Kidopolis T-shirt OR day pass for future use
-2 hour table time


$110 for groups up to 10
$220 for groups up to 20
$280 for groups up to 25

(There is NO CHARGE for Adult Chaperones)

GROUP EVENTS (not birthday parties): 
$10 per person
-2 hour table time

Outdoor food is allowed but we are nut free, so please nothing with nuts!! 
*For all special events we provide four tables and seating for up to 25*
*A $50 deposit is required. Paid within the first week of reserving the date.*

Groups of 5 or more will be charged $5.00 per group member. All you have to do is let the person at the counter know what group you're in!


Dance Party 2.jpg

dance parties & seasonal-themed events

We are serious when we say Kidopolis is a place for "kids of all ages". Our special events calendar includes activities for toddlers, teens...and everyone in between! There are seasonal- and holiday-themed events, as well as social networking activities to take advantage of.  Be sure to check-in with one of our team members to see what's coming up next!


Frequently Asked Questions


What are your rules regarding child supervision?

All children attending Kidopolis must be accompanied by a responsible adult (18 years of-age or older) who must be present at all times while his/her respective child is on-site.  Kidopolis does not provide daycare or child supervision services.


Are adults who accompany children granted free admission?

Yes.  Paid admission to Kidopolis for all children includes the admission of any adult(s) accompanying and supervising them.  Only adults who are officially accompanying children will be granted admission to Kidopolis.


What are the rules regarding safety and responsibility?

You are responsible for any and all children that you bring to Kidopolis.  You as the supervising adult must follow all posted rules and follow all safety instructions of Kidopolis staff.  In addition, all supervising adults must sign a waiver and rules acknowledgement form at the time of the child's admission to Kidopolis.


What are the expectations regarding overall conduct at this facility?

Respect for the playspace and everyone present is expected at all times.  All guests must consistently keep in-mind that this is a facility for children, and all conduct must reflect this.  Anyone engaging in inappropriate conduct will be asked to correct their behavior by Kidopolis staff.  Anyone who fails to correct their behavior after being asked to do so will be asked to leave, along with his/her entire party (no refunds will be provided).


What are the rules regarding restroom usage?

Children who are not yet school-aged (i.e. under 6 years of-age), and any children requiring special assistance, must always be accompanied to the rest room by the responsible, supervising adult - no exceptions.  This assures that hands are always washed afterward, messes are kept to a minimum and that children remain safe.  All diaper changing must also occur in the rest rooms - not out in the playspace.


What are the expectations regarding food and drink?

Food and drink must always be kept in the lobby/snack area and never be brought into the active playspace.  Exceptions to this are: Infants can be fed in the playspace area, and nursing mothers can keep with them a bottled water in a sealed/leak-proof container.


Can I bring my own food and drink from the outside?

Yes.  However the expectations set forth above must be followed, and any food brought from the outside must be nut-free, as Kidopolis is a nut-free zone!


What can I do with larger items, such as strollers, etc.?

Strollers and other large items are not permitted in the playspace.  They can be parked in the lobby/front desk area.  Exceptions to this would include personal mobility devices (wheelchairs, etc.) that are instrumental in an individual's ability to access the playspace area.


What are the requirements regarding footwear?  Can I wear shoes?

Shoes are optional here at Kidopolis! Adults must wear shoes, while children at play can either play in shoes or socks. Please no bare feet.

What are your times for open play?

Open play takes place every day during all posted hours of operation.


What are your hours of operation?

During non-Summer months, Kidopolis operates Tuesday through Thursday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Friday & Saturday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM, and Sundays 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Monday hours are by special appointment only).  During the Summer months, Kidopolis operates Tuesday through Thursday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, and is open Friday, Saturday & Sunday for birthday parties and special events only (CLOSED on Mondays).  Special events occur on the days and times posted within the monthly calendar.  Private parties are scheduled independent of the posted hours of operation and may occur during non-traditional days and times, per arrangement with Kidopolis management.


What methods of payment do you accept?

Kidopolis accepts cash, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.  We do not accept American Express or personal checks.

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The rules listed below must be followed at ALL times by ALL guests...


  1. Before you enter the gates of Kidopolis...sign yourself in!  The Waiver of Liability / Assumption of Risk must be signed by the responsible adult prior to any activity taking place, and prior to any child's admission into Kidopolis.
  2. Keep those tall people who brought you here close-by!  Kids must be supervised by parents/guardians/caretakers at all times.  No drop-off's.
  3. (And be sure those tall people are never left alone either!)  Only adults responsible for children with admitted entry to Kidopolis are permitted in the facility.  No other adults are allowed on-site.
  4. Make sure you have the feet of a true Kidopolis Citizen!  No shoes are to be worn in the play area.  However, socks must be worn at all times.  No bare feet.
  5. If you're not feeling well, come visit us another time!  No sick children are permitted in the play area.
  6. We've got so much why bring anything else?  No outside toys or objects are permitted in the play area.
  7. The best way to enjoy Kidopolis is to slow down and take a look around!  No running, reckless play, flips, somersaults or other stunts.
  8. Be a courteous and friendly Citizen!  No fighting, foul language, aggressive talk or behavior.  Wait for your turn, and do not keep others waiting when it is their turn.
  9. It's hard to share how much fun you're having when your mouth is full!  No food, drink or gum is allowed in the play area.
  10. Keep Kidopolis around for a long time!  No climbing on objects, walls or other equipment.  Be gentle and respectful with all materials.