Kidopolis Studios, a non-profit portion of Kidopolis in the making. Now offering Eco friendly field trips to teach your group the importance of recycling by showing them how we implement it in our facility.
Family Dance Parties: Returning in November. For more details follow us on Facebook.

Who we are...and what you can expect

  • Kidopolis is an indoor play space that promotes the concept of imagination and practical application as the primary mechanism for intellectual and social development in children.

  • Kidopolis uses multiple themed rooms and related materials as the canvas upon which young, developing minds conceive, create and realize their full potential.

  • Kidopolis emphasis the importance of both individual and socialized creative play including an open play concept that is designed for the benefit of solitary play as well as both organized and spontaneous group play.

  • Kidopolis has created a true “Green Zone” for play in which the usage of recycled and re-purposed materials as practice promoted and celebrated.

  • Kidopolis provides a family friendly environment for all kinds of special events including field trips, birthday parties, organized play groups, and parent group outings just to name a few.

A number of theorists have stated that play is the "work" of children.  So what then are the benefits of Role Play?  Firstly, creative Role Play has quite the opposite impact as the overuse of digital media (common in this modern age), which actually diminishes creative thinking.  Re-enacting "real life" allows children to naturally build on prior knowledge -  leading to greater self-confidence and a greater willingness..even a learn more. As a former yoga instructor, I have seen the immediate impact of mind-body synchronicity.  Role Playing is also a healthy form of self-discipline and self-expression.  Yes, creative unstructured play has value.

At Kidopolis, we aim to meet kids at their varying levels of  development.  Whether kids are learning how to access gross or fine motor skills, or are at a stage of refining these toward the complexities of  even higher functioning skill building, our play space provides many imaginative cues for them to freely gain self-mastery...and rehearse it!  With their innate drive to explore and learn, kids who play in our creative play spaces gain mental flexibility by "task switching".  (I've observed first-hand some fire fighting girls who take a quick flight to the moon with baby en tow.)  What may seem like pointless play to some is really an opportunity for our children to problem-solve, learn how to take turns (like it or not), develop a natural sense of empathy (social-emotional gains), healthy and productive brainstorming (critical thinking skills), and skills for leading a fulfilling life! 

There's more!  From enrichment tools to planet love, when children and their parents visit our little world they can expect to find ways to recycle all around the house (not just the kitchen).  Kidopolis will show you a whole new way to see "trash".

And at Kidopolis, you can always expect the kids' experience to be one that is self-guided.